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iPod Classic is dead

by on10 September 2014

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After 13 years on the market, the iPod classic is officially dead. Steve Jobs took the idea of an MP3 player, which had not been doing particularly well, gave it a more attractive case and charged the earth for it. The product launched the new Apple cult and helped to create the myth that Jobs was somehow a technology genius.

Like most things Apple, the product has not changed much since its launch. It had the same basic design since launch, its latest variant arriving in 2007 with a choice of 80GB, 120GB and 160GB storage options. What killed the iPod off though was the rise of the smart phone which was also capable of storing large quantities of music and could be streamed over 4G.

The company's iPod branding is set to continue, as the iPod Touch range was refreshed in 2012, with the fifth-generation version of the music player due to receive Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 8.

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