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New Google Chromecast finally brings Android mirroring

by on10 July 2014

Let you share your device screen to TV

Google announced a while ago that it will eventually update the Chromecast with Android mirroring and it has finally lived up to its promise.

As of today, those using an Android device will no longer have to rely on third-party apps that will let you mirror your favorite Android device's screen to the TV. Thanks to the latest update for the Chromecast app, users can mirror any Android smartphone or tablet screen to the TV as long as they are on the same WiFi network as the Crhomecast, which allows you to stream anything from your mobile screen to the TV, simply by selecting Cast Screen from the Chromecast app.

Those running any of the Google Nexus device will also notice that the new feature has appeared in the Quick Settings menu. Of course, Google still states that this new feature is still in beta and will roll out on popual Android phones or tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG and others sometime in the next few days.

In case you are wondering, you should be looking for the 1.7 update of the Chromecast app.

google chromecast 1

Google-Chromecastcastscreen 1

Google-Chromecastcastscreen 2


Last modified on 11 July 2014
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