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Desktop Broadwell K delayed until early next year

by on12 June 2014

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Skylake new architecture in late 2015

Our original fears that Broadwell would not make it to the desktop in 2014 have proven true. This delayed 14nm architecture will first show up on notebooks but the desktop will show up only in 2015.

Certainly on the notebooks, the chip will do some damage – they will enable some to be thinner as iPad AIR and fit in two in one designs.

Intel has just launched Haswell refresh processors lead by Core i7 4790 clocked at 3.6 GHz and with ability to turbo clock to 4GHz and this will remain the fastest processor at least until early part of 2015. 

It turns out that Intel plans a LGA 1150 based Broadwell K series desktop processor and wants it to with the 100 series of chipsets to replace Haswell refresh parts. It should end up faster than Core i7 4790 K and its projected launch is around Q1 2015.

Skylake in late 2015

In later part of 2015 there might be the Skylake replacement for this desktop part that will need a new chipset codenamed Skylake PCH and a new socket LGA 1151. Our sources say it should have DDR4 support but this has to be confirmed.

Broadwell for U processor line that sits between 15 and 20W and fits the small form factor and all in one design will launch in late part of 2014. The Skylake replacement for this market in DGA packaging might be coming by mid-2015.

Haswell C, which is the 130 to 140W TDP part, is coming for LGA 2011 in late 2014 and this one will get replaced by Broadwell E that should fit the same platform in late 2015.

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