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TSMC rushing to get smaller

by on23 January 2024

New 1nm chip factory to beat Intel and Samsung

TSMC has just made the chip race a bit more exciting as the company has become the world's first foundry to prepare for 1nm production.

This is a new record for the industry as the 1nm bit is the "holy grail" of semiconductors, and it looks like the Taiwanese giant will be ahead of the game, leaving behind the likes of Intel and Samsung.

The new facility, planned to be built in Chiayi County, southern Taiwan, would shake up the tech industry in terms of performance and efficiency gains.

At the IEDM conference, TSMC shared its plans to make the 1nm node by 2030, and amazingly, the firm hoped to cram a "trillion transistors" into the process through multiple 3D-stacked chipsets.

TSMC changed its naming scheme after 2nm, with 1.4nm and 1nm processes being called A14 and A10, copying Intel Foundry. But the real test is how TSMC achieves this goal, especially because making enough chips and getting them to work has been a big problem for the chip industry lately.

Taiwan Economic Daily claims TSMC's plans for 1nm will be costly, with estimated costs being about $32 billion. The facility is expected to be built at Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), with an estimated size of 100 hectares, split into a 60-40 ratio, to look after both chip and IC packaging production in the new facility.

TSMC is also expected to open multiple 2nm fabs in Taiwan. The chip leader doesn't want to stop with its aim of shrinking the chips further.

The rivalry among chipmakers is expected to heat up in the future, especially since Team Blue is expected to hold its "big foundry show", the IFS Direct Connect, in the next few days, where the firm could announce something shocking since the firm has done its "five nodes in four years" goal, which means that Team Blue will tell us what to expect after 18A, probably showing us bits of its cutting-edge 10A (1nm) process.

The company’s 1nm is almost five years away, or maybe more since we are still waiting to see the start of multiple processes before it. By the looks of it, TSMC might lead the way into the future, but it all depends on how the firm's rivals catch up in the industry.


Last modified on 24 January 2024
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