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AMD flogs HQ to make a quick buck

by on13 March 2013

Real Estate better than chips

AMD has confirmed that it is flogging and leasing back its campus in Austin, Texas.

The move will generate $164 million in cash but the question about why it is selling family silver does not look good for those who think the company has a great long term future. Nokia did the same thing last year to raise $220 million and the phone maker and former rubber boot manufacturer is another one which is not doing too well.

Last year Bernstein Research‘s Stacy Rasgon called AMD “un-investable,” following the announcement of its terrible Q3 2012 numbers and the sudden loss of its CFO. Michael Silverman, an AMD spokesperson, told Ars Technica that things were not as bad as all that.

There had been all sorts of good things happening at AMD in the six months including the recently announced Sony Playstation 4 APU semi-custom part win, the Richland mobile APU part and lots of other good announcements. He did not explain why the outfit still had to flog its buildings if life was so great.

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