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3G PS Vita price slashed by $100

by on13 March 2013

Maybe the 3G version to be discontinued?

A number of reports have reached us that American retailers have been instructed to slash the price of the 3G version of the Sony PlayStation Vita by $100. The price cut is rumored to be paving the way for Sony to perhaps discontinue the 3G version.

To put it mildly, the PlayStation Vita has struggled since it was introduced, but recently after a price cut in Japan the sales of the unit have surged. The 3G model has been reduced from $299 to $199 and the bundle includes an 8GB memory card; and if you sign up for the 3G contract in the store where you buy it, you also apparently get a free PSN game for the unit.

It is hard to say what Sony might be up to here without official confirmation from company; but it would seem that retailers we have spoken with think that the price cut is just a way to move the inventory out before it is discontinued in favor of just the offering the Wi-Fi only unit. Of course, if the response to the price cut is strong, we could see Sony also considering a price cut on the Wi-Fi only unit to help the stagnant sales of the unit.

Joystiq has more here.


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