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We are not living in a Post PC world

by on20 September 2012

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HP boss lays down the law

Todd Bradley who is  executive vice president of HP’s printing and personal systems group, is quite emphatic that we are not living in a post-PC world. In an interview with PC World, Bradly said that it was “just wrong” to think that the PC has had its day.

He said that when a kid goes to college, they need a PC. Businesses who want their employees to be productive, need a PC. Bradley said that the size of the PC market was huge and even if there is a place for tablets, they will not be the big enchilada for a while.

He was also a little sniffy about HP moving to make Windows 8 Arm based tablets. Apparently the maker of expensive printer ink will be making tablets that run on the x86 platform.

It will use both Intel and AMD architecture  because it was a lot more robust and established than things Armish. HP sees x86 chips delivering one of the best experiences in the short term and near future. While it will develop ideas with its partners in the ARM ecosystem, its first tablets will be based on the x86 architecture.

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