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AMD executive exodus might be a good thing

by on20 September 2012

Needs a wind of change

Wall Street was not happy to see Thomas Seifert go. AMD’s Chief Financial Officer, and for good part of this year an interim CEO is out and he is just one of the few important execs that left the company.

Some sales people were forced to leave but we are not sure if the board also convinced Chris Cloran , general manager in charge or AMDs client products to leave, or the chap just had enough of the struggle. Although this sounds quite bad in the short term, AMD could use some fresh blood to try to get the company back on track. AMD still has a top notch graphics portfolio and that is something that many would want to get their hands on. AMD processors, despite being inferior to Intel in most market segments, still have a huge price advantage.

The company will need time to heal and it heavily depends on GlobalFoundries and its ability to produce 28nm and transition to 22nm next year, all with good yields, but with a lot of Abu Dhabi money, this should be possible at some point in 2013.

We are not saying that AMD will kill Intel or anyone else, but it can be much more competitive, especially in the lower end market as well as in graphics.

Many insiders said that they believe that the new CEO Rory Read is a great operations man and people have a high respect for newcomer Lisa Su, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Business Units, describing her as very smart and driven.

Devinder Kumar is now a Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller and Interim Chief Financial Officer and in case he doesn’t get offer a permanent job, AMD will find someone else to swim in its finance swimming pool full of sharks.

Time will tell if these changes can make AMD any better as let’s hope that AMD’s execution can get better.

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