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Impossible to be safe online

by on13 January 2012

World Economic Forum says there are too many people

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2012 report was published today stating that cyber crime is a real risk to global stability. It also says that it’s impossible to be completely safe online as more devices connect to the internet.

Security specialist Symantec has welcomed the report saying that it was relieved that politicians were waking up to the growing reliance on technology and associated threat from cyber attacks. Greg Day, EMEA Security CTO and Director of Security Strategy, at Symantec said that the Internet was no longer having to face just simple electronic ‘pick-pocketing’, but persistent, targeted threats that can cause untold harm to governments, global businesses and the critical infrastructures they operate.

“While these organisations have the time and resources to protect themselves, it is often small businesses driving growth. These organisations, which play a valuable role in the UK economy, may not have the focused teams of larger organisations and may therefore need to seek help in understanding and mitigating today’s threats,” he said.

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