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AMD director offloads shares

by on13 January 2012

Does he know something?

AMD chairman Bruce Claflin has flogged 3,447 shares of AMD stock according to a SEC Filing today.

Claflin's title was listed as "Director" at AMD rather than his full title as Executive Chairman of the Board. Over the last year  Claflin has not flogged any of his shares but equally he has not bought any either.

According to the SEC there has been lots of stock sold by AMD insiders. More than 455,031 AMD shares were off-loaded.  It made the sellers more than $4,000,027.

However only 12,000 shares of AMD were bought  for a total value of $99,000.  On that basis it would be fair to say that the shareholders inside AMD don't really think the outfit's share prices will hold up.

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