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Jobs' Mob permitted to fire over Facebook rants

by on06 December 2011


Even if it is the truth

A British employment tribunal has allowed Apple to fire an employee for having a rant on Facebook. Employee Samuel Crisp, was a “Genius” at the Norwich Apple Store, but he dared to tell the truth about his iPhone, apps and other aspects of Apple on the social network Facebook.

Apple was not even aware of the comments because the profile was set to private, but one of Crisps “friends” feared that others might depart from the true way and lose their faith in Steve Jobs. So the friend grassed him up to Jobs Mob's black shirts who dragged him away and fired him.

Crisp complained after all he didn't work for Nazi Germany and this was a modern democratic country which sees free speech as a virtue. You should not fire people for speaking their mind. However, Apple told the tribunal that it makes people sign a social media policy which says they are only allowed to say wonderful things about Apple on their blogs, even if this is not true. If the truth is negative, then you are supposed to shut up or lose your job.

The tribunal upheld the company’s decision because it was in writing and Crisp was informed adequately that it was a grounds for dismissal. The moral of the story is that if you want the right to say what you like, be an individual and think different, then don't work for Apple.

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