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Jobs believed he could order his cancer about

by on21 October 2011


Refused treatment until it was too late

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was so convinced that the universe would do what he commanded that he refused treatment for Cancer because he was convinced he could control it.

According to Jobs' biography, the doctors caught the illness early and it was completely treatable. However Jobs was convinced that the illness was caused by a product of his thinking and wanted to remove it using his will power. After all was he not a genius and had not he defeated the mighty Microsoft?

Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs refused potentially life-saving cancer surgery for nine months, shrugging off his family's protests and opting instead for alternative medicine. But by the time he realised that Cancer could not be fired, the rare form of pancreatic cancer had spread to the tissues surrounding the organ, biographer Walter Isaacson said in an interview with "60 Minutes" on CBS.

Jobs also played down the seriousness of his condition and told everyone he was cured but kept receiving treatment in secret, Isaacson said in the interview. He tries to treat it with diet. He goes to spiritualists. He goes to various ways of doing it macrobiotically and he doesn't get an operation. He thought he felt that if you ignore something, if you don't want something to exist, you can have magical thinking.

We ran this by a new age healer mate who told us that by the time an illness has manifested in a person it is too late for positive thinking. By that stage complementary health techniques will help heal, but you still need conventional surgery, he said. “It seems that Jobs could not let surrender the belief that he was not in control,” our Roman healer told us.

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