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Russians interested in ReactOS

by on15 September 2011

Windows like software could take off with state backing
The windowish ReactOS might get the backing it needs to be a mainstream player.

ReactOS is an Open Source (mostly GPL) rewrite of the Windows Kernel. It aims to be an open-source project that is fully compatible with the all Windows NT-based drivers, applications, and services.

According to the company website, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited a school where Marat Karatov is attending. Karatov is involved with the ReactOS project and pitched it to the President.

Marat made a short presentation of the latest build of ReactOS, including system boot up and running a few Windows-compatible applications. Marat said that the OS was ready approximately for 80 per cent of real world usage and that roughly one million euros would be needed to complete its development within a year.

President Medvedev' said the project was interesting and has offered to investigate getting the company some cash.

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