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Former Intel bloke bets the farm on wearable technology

by on03 August 2011

Mobile will get bigger and computers will be smaller
WIMM Labs, which was formed by a former Intel bloke, thinks that in the future we will be wearing our computer gear.

CEO Dave Mooring's new outfit has built an Android-based platform for a small screen and while he does not think that you can write emails on them he thinks that you will use them to read  email, check the weather, or pay for products. According to PC Mag WIMM products range from simple watchbands to complex phone companions that can read your texts, tell you who's calling, and show you your calendar.

The downside is that you will need to  charge your WIMM-powered device daily. It's also likely to be fairly expensive.
The first WIMM devices will be available to developers at the end of August. Mooring's approach is similar to the Intel Inside idea, where it was clear who supplied the technology but the product itself was made by a separate party.

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