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South Korean hit by Chinese Hackers

by on29 July 2011

Not blaming the North for once
South Korea is furious that the personal information of about 35 million of its Internet users were stolen in a hacking attack that originated in China. Normally South Korea has to worry about hack attacks from the North, but this time it does not think that “Dear Leader” has been on his computer console hacking them.

Internet and social media sites Nate and Cyworld were hit with the hackers looking for social security numbers and email addresses. According to the Korea Communications Commission the operator of the sites, SK Communications, alleged the attack originated from computers in China based on their Internet Protocol addresses.

For once it also does not seem to be a state sponsored attack either. Governments are not usually interested in the user IDs, passwords, social security numbers, names, mobile phone numbers and email addresses of the great unwashed. It is more likely Chinese criminal gangs who want to use the information for Phishing attacks.

According to NPR the attack would be the largest Internet hacking case to have taken place in South Korea.

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