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Dutch accidentally spike neutrality

by on23 June 2011

Labor Party gives it a huge loophole
The Dutch, who were set to have a really interesting Net Neutrality Law, appear to have stuffed it up by giving ISPs a loophole.

A proposal  to ensure net neutrality by squeezing, pricing or blocking of Internet ban was adopted. But an exception to the law was also accidentally passed and backed by the Labor Party who clearly thought they were voting for more beer for MPs.

The exception allowed for SGP / CDA Internet filters on the basis of ideological motives. The Labour Party wanted to correct this mistake, but was told it was impossible. The VVD party also voted for the amendment making it a majority.

The proposal allows an ISP to block some websites under fairly unusual circumstances so it is not likely to cause too much trouble. However the error cannot be repaired. The only way to stop the amendment is to ask it to be changed in the Senate.

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