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SAP goes for Oracle

by on19 May 2011

ERP software can compete with Ellison's offerings
The company which makes esoteric enterprise software that no one understands, SAP says it is close to porting its ERP software to the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

The German outfit hopes that this will give Larry Ellison something to worry about as it will give his punters a cheaper rival. We know, cheap and SAP are not two words normally seen in the same sentence, nevertheless SAP said it.

Sybase ASE has only a fraction of the database market share held by Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. It is popular among banks and other beancounting institutions. SAP said that its ERP customers will now get to use the same database that powers Wall Street. Given what Wall Street did to the world last year we are not sure if that is a great advertisment.

Future versions of SAP ERP will be "certified out-of-the-box" with Sybase ASE releases, SAP said. Sybase ASE's life cycle will be "fully synchronized with SAP maintenance policies to simplify release and deployment planning for customers, SAP enthused in a German sort of way.
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