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HP to stick WebOS in PCs

by on10 March 2011

And the point is?
The maker of jolly expensive printer ink HP thinks that people will want PCs with the WebOS inside.

The outfit plans to integrate the formerly mobile operating system extend to all of its PCs starting next year. Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive officer Leo Apotheker said the operating system will be on every PC that HP ships in 2012. The big idea is that it will attract more developers to write code for the machines.

However it seems that Leo's idea is not as radical as it appears. WebOS will be offered along with Windows and the machines will be multi-platform.

The plan is that WebOS will run on top of Windows to be able to launch WebOS apps. The move could help extend WebOS’ viability as a platform and get some more apps written for it. Or it could be just a waste of disk space.

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