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Nokia opens new front in war against Apple

by on17 December 2010

One hell of a legal mess
Nokia has opened a new front in its trademark war against Apple by launching 13 new trademark complaints in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The former maker of rubberware now claims that Jobs Mob nicked 24 of its patents, including the technology behind touchscreens and on-device app stores.

It is its fourth lawsuit against Apple since the 14-month legal battle between the two companies began. Apple is also counter-suing Nokia for alleged patent infringements in the UK and US. Apple is also suing manufacturers Motororola, HTC and multiple vendors running Google's Android operating system. Motorola last month announced that it is also suing Microsoft.

Nokia is claiming that its technologies were developed more than a decade before the launch of Apple's iPhone. It has said that it has been trying to negotiate with Apple for years. But every year you wait Apple's mobile business grows. If Nokia wins then Jobs' huge profits could disappear.

The first case will not go to court until late next year, probably in the Hague, Netherlands.

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