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Mixed messages on piracy

by on14 December 2010

Norwegian writer wants it both ways

Norwegian children's author Anne B. Ragde has been telling a  Norwegian newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv how concerned she was about e-book piracy.

She thinks that she has lost $72,500 on piracy of her books, maybe more, and she cannot stand the thought of someone stealing something. "I look at Norwegian musicians who have to do live concerts. We have nothing to live on other than the physical product," she moaned.

However Ragde does have a slight problem when it comes to other forms of  piracy. She admits that she buys pirated purses because, well, Prada bags are frightfully expensive.

True then there is the small matter of the pirated MP3 collection she has. Her son, Jo Ragde told the same rag that him and his old lady had a MP3 collection. We copied the first 1,500 songs from one place and 300 from another."

Red faced Anne has promised to purge her iPod's contents. Although it would be better if she just hit the thing with a hammer.

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