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EU Project cuts the cost of Optical networking

by on10 January 2008


Plastic Fiber to the home

A new
European project is working out a quick and simple way of getting optical networking to the home. The EU-funded POF-ALL project is focusing on the cabling inside buildings, which would typically account for 30 percent of the cost of laying an optical fiber from the exchange into the home.

Alessandro Nocivelli, the founder and CEO of Luceat SpA said the idea is to develop plastic fiber to solve cost problems. Current thinking is to use plastic fiber with green or red light instead of more expensive glass fiber and lasers. The project has built a system that uses green light to transmit 100 megabits a second over a distance of 300 meters.

They hope that in five to ten years they can offer a broadband connection that is ten times faster than broadband.

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