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EU approves Foxconn plant in Poland

by on05 October 2010

Bought it from Dell
The EU has approved Foxconn's purchase of a Dell assembly plant in ?ód?, 18 months after PC maker moved work there from Ireland.

The EU ruled that the deal would not affect competition in Europe as the overlaps between Foxconn and [Dell’s] Polish subsidiary in the assembly of electronic products are not so important as to significantly strengthen Foxconn's competitive position.

In 2009, PC maker Dell closed its manufacturing facility in Limerick, Ireland, and moved the work to ?ód?. It was later revealed that the Polish government subsidised the move with the approval of the EU.

The Polish government was so keen to attract US company Dell’s manufacturing business that it named a road leading up to the ?ód? plant the “Avenue of the Terror Victims of September 11". It probably will not work with Foxconn in charge. We wonder if the outfit will put the suicide nets around the plant, which are a common feature of its Chinese operations.

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