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Apple angers Mac Mini buyers

by on26 July 2010

Smells like a court case
Fruity retailer of broken dreams, Apple has angered buyers of its Mac Mini after it posted the price on its online store at $619.

The deal attracted a lot of punters but, as you might have guessed, the price was far too cheap to be genuine. But seems to have gotten the customer's goat is that instead of refunding the money Jobs Mob just charged customers the proper price of $1,463 without telling them.

Some customers are already preparing to file lawsuits against the company and already, according to Digitimes the Consumer Foundation in Taiwan has told Apple to fulfil its contracts and deliver products. While in the West faulty prices on sites have not resulted in the vendor losing money or being required to produce products at the advertised price, the situation is not the same in the Far East.

In 2009, Dell made notebook pricing errors on its online store and was fined NT$1 million by the Law and Regulation Commission of the Taipei City Government for failing to meet the organization's demands for consumer compensation.
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