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Gawker comes to an arrangement with cops

by on19 July 2010


Warrant withdrawn
Gawker, the parent company behind tech site Gizmodo, said that it has reached an agreement with authorities in California over the leaked iPhone 4 prototype.

Coppers acting on orders from Apple swooped on the house of a Gizmodo editor and took all his computers. It did this even though the missing prototype had been returned to Apple.

The magazine has agreed to give all material relevant to the investigation, in exchange for receiving back items seized from editor Jason Chen's home. The iPhone 4 model was dropped in a bar by Apple developer Gray Powell, and eventually purchased by Gizmodo for $5000 USD.

The district attorney's office had opened an investigation into whether Gawker had done anything illegal in the matter mostly because Apple asked it to do so. However that warrant has been withdrawn now, with Chen's belongings returned to him.

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