MADFINGER Games announces new FPS game
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Exclusive for the PC and based on Unreal Engine 5

MADFINGER Games has announced its newest FPS game that will be available exclusively for the PC and based on Unreal Engine 5.

FedEx wants lasers on its cargo planes
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What could go wrong

FedEx has applied to the FAA seeking approval to install a laser-based, anti-missile defense system on its cargo planes as an added safety measure.

Google NDA break California labour laws
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Used to silence whistleblowers

A California judge ruled this week that the confidentiality agreements Google requires its employees to sign are too broad and break the state's labour laws.

Microsoft to change sexual harassment policy
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Following investigation sparked by Gates disclosures and shareholder outrage 

Microsoft’s board is reviewing its policies on sexual harassment will issue a report in the spring after years of complaints about Microsoft’s investigations.

2022 is not going to be the year of Linux on the desktop
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You probably were not expecting this

It has been the time of year again when Linux fanboys emerge from their dust-filled server rooms to declare that 2022 might be the year that their favourite operating system will replace Windows on the desktop.

Ukraine government servers still packed with malware
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Microsoft warns

Software King of the World Microsoft warned on Saturday evening that it had detected a highly destructive form of malware in dozens of government and private computer networks in Ukraine.

Zero evidence of Xiaomi censorship
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Germans fling pooh at allegations very precisely

Germany's federal cybersecurity watchdog, the BSI investigated allegations that Xiaomi shipped with onboard censorship devices and found the story was untrue.

Intel Celeron G6900 pretty pants at AAA games
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Golden Cove cores do not cut the mustard 

Reviewers are starting to notice how Intel Celeron G6900 cant really handle AAA class games.

Valve Steam Deck pre-orders to start shipping by the end of February
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First come first served

Valve has now confirmed that the first pre-orders of the Steam Deck handheld console should ship to customers by the end of February 2022.

Ukraine hit by cyber attack
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Russian war drums in the hills

Ukraine was hit by a massive cyberattack and is warning its citizens to "be afraid and expect the worst" as Russia masses more than 100,000 troops on the country’s frontier.