Shadowgun War Games hits 1 million downloads
Published in Gaming

Just two weeks after the launch

MADFINGER Games has announced that Shadowgun War Games, their latest free-to-play tactical PFS shooter for Android and iOS devices has reached one million downloads.

Raspberry Pi 4 2GB gets a price cut
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Now goes for just $35

In order to celebrate its upcoming eight birthday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has decided to drop the price of the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB by $10, down to $35.

Intel says it will catch up with AMD
Published in PC Hardware

Promises Full Memory Encryption in upcoming CPUs

Chipzilla says it is planning to bring full memory encryption to future CPUs, something which indicates that it has decided to play catch-up with AMD.

Windows might have caught Kung Flu
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Adjusting our outlook

Software King of the World Microsoft said it does not expect to meet its quarterly revenue forecast for its Windows and personal computing business as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Youtube can ignore the first amendment for hate speech says court
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It is ok to censor right-wing hate speech

A US court has decided that the Founding Fathers never intended free speech laws to be used to force YouTube to provide a platform for right-wing nutjobs.

Panasonic gives up on Tesla's Buffalo plant
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We don't need no buffalos

Panasonic said it will stop producing solar cells and modules at Tesla's factory in Buffalo ending a four-year joint venture with the electric care maker.

Zscaler warns of IoT trouble ahead for business networks
Published in Network

Security nightmare

Cybersecurity researchers at Zscaler analysed data generated by IoT devices in enterprises and found there has been a surge in unauthorised IoT traffic from devices connected to the network by employees. Staff connect the likes of smart watches and fitness trackers to their enterprise network to make things simpler but these could in turn undermine the security of business networks.

Apple bans bad guys from using its iPhone
Published in Mobiles

Rian Johnson spills the beans

While fruity cargo-cult Apple tries to get its gear product placed into movies, it insists that it cannot be used by the bad guys.

Manufacturers ignoring 5G functions on Qualcomm chips
Published in Mobiles

Just because Qualcomm insists does not mean we have to use it

Phones are starting to trickle onto the market with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 865 SoC with 5G functionality, however manufacturers are reluctant to switch it on yet.

Huawei Mate Xs to start selling in China on March 5th
Published in Mobiles

Spotted in Switzerland with pre-orders starting on March 2nd

It appears that Huawei's updated foldable flagship, the Mate Xs, will start selling in China on March 5th, and Europe should get it sooner than we thought as it is already listed in Switzerland.