Microsoft launches a small AI for SMEs
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It does not need vast amounts of data

Microsoft announced a cost-effective, small-language artificial intelligence model that can create content creation and create social media posts while using smaller amounts of data.

AI on phones might be a bad idea
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Power hungry

While the likes of Apple are trying to stuff something called AI onto its iPhones, there is a downside to the technology that no one appears to have considered – AI takes up a lot of charge.

AMD rolling out new adaptive SoCs
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Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2

AMD’s rolling out a couple of new adaptive SoCs – the Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 for AI-powered embedded systems and the Versal Prime Series Gen 2 for more traditional embedded systems.

Unstable Intel high-end CPU patches kill performance
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Up to nine per cent

Over the last few weeks, there's been a fair bit of chatter about high-end Chipzilla CPUs, like the Core i9-14900K, throwing a wobbly. Asus has knocked out a BIOS update for its Z790 motherboards to sort it, but it's nicked up to nine per cent off the performance in some tasks.

Apple pulls vegan-friendly FineWoven cases
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It was falling to bits faster than the phones

Fruit-themed cargo cult Apple has pulled production of its FineWoven accessories because they were causing a crisis of faith among its followers because they were so alarmingly bad.

Huawei wants to bring Harmony to the world
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We would like to teach the world to sing.

Huawei's sights are set on taking its HarmonyOS smartphone platform global, even though it's been hit with US-led sanctions that have nicked its access to some crucial tech.

Apple buys its AI tech from the French
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Yes we have AI, its very nice.

Fruity Cargo Cult Apple has finally admitted that it knows little about AI and tried to buy its innovation from the French and claim it invented it.

Qualcomm teases Snapdragon X announcement
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Is it the Apple busting Snapdragon X Elite?

In a rather cryptic teaser, Qualcomm has hinted at a significant announcement regarding the Snapdragon X chipset, expected early this week. 

Zen 5 APU rumours are cranking up
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Strix Halo has more grunt than the PS5

The Dark Satanic Rumour Mill, specifically the Chiphell forums, has manufactured a hell-on-earth yarn that the new Zen 5 APUs, dubbed Strix Halo, are a bit of a powerhouse.

Torvalds thinks AI is a huge laugh
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That is, until they replace him

At The Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit North America, Linus Torvalds dismissed the latest AI software as hilarious.