Writer complains his HP printer is shaking him down for cash
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It is worse than a loan shark

Atlantic writer  Charlie Warzel has complained that their HP OfficeJet Pro is shaking him down like a loan shark.

Samsung stuffs new phone with bloatware
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Galaxy S23 uses up 60 GB

Android is supposed to be a lightweight OS, but some users are complaining that the Samsung Galaxy takes 60GB of storage.

US top cyber diplomat Twitter account hacked
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If only the company could afford to keep its clients' accounts safe

Nate Fick, the inaugural US ambassador for Cyberspace and Digital Policy announced the hack of his personal account over the weekend.

Intel about to reveal Xeon workstation processor family
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Intel Xeon W

Chipzilla is to reveal its Intel Xeon W processors on February 15.

Twitter's financial troubles deepen
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If only it could find a competent financial expert who was not a business genius 

Social notworkingatall site Twitter is finding it harder to pay the bills since business genius and supreme twit Elon [look at me] Musk took over.

Italy bans US AI chatbot friend from stealing data
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Risks to minors and emotionally fragile people

Italy's Data Protection Agency has blocked artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot company Replika from using the personal data of Italian users, citing risks to minors and emotionally fragile people.

Google promises its AI will be released to trusted users soon
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Bard should be ready for public release in a few weeks 

Google's parent firm Alphabet announced the release of its Bard conversational AI service, which it said will be rolled out to "trusted users" before its public release in the coming weeks.

AMD graphics driver update coming within next two weeks
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For Radeon 6000 series and older cards

AMD has finally confirmed that its next driver update that will support Radeon 6000 series and older graphics cards will be coming within two weeks.

Nvidia fixes Discord throttling
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Done over the air, you will not feel a thing 

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengence daemon Nvidia has fixed a problem with Discord software which throttled memory clocks.

Puget dumps Samsung's 990 Pro solid-state drives
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Reliability questionable

Puget Systems has stopped offering Samsung's 990 Pro solid-state drives in new builds following numerous reports of health degradation issues.