AMD confirms "together we advance_PCs" event for August 29th
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Zen 4 and AM5 are the stars of the show

AMD has confirmed its "together we advance_PCs" event for August 29th, a livestream premiere of next generation AMD PC products.

Intel Arc A380 available at Newegg for back order
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$139.99 for ASRock Challenger Arc A380 OC

The Intel Arc A380 has finally appeared in the US and ASRock Arc A380 OC custom version is now available for back order over at for $139.99.

Apple forced to pay staff $30 million
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Docked staff for the time it took security frisk them

After nearly a decade a California federal judge has finally given the green light to Appleā€™s $30 million settlement in a lawsuit.

Fruity cargo cult faces staff revolt
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They no longer want to go to the space ship and management is worried

Staff at the fruity cargo cult Apple no longer want to travel long distances to be indoctrinated by middle managers and are starting to make their views heard. 

Russian military touting Chinese bots
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Pretending to have invented them

The Russian military, desperate for good news to put on state media, has been dressing up Chinese robots and claiming to have invented them.

Intel turns flogs off more family silver
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Gotta get a better return on asset value

Intel has flogged more of its family silver by turning over 5,000 patents to the intellectual property licensing group IPValue.

Two NHS hospitals lose millions over AI start-up crash
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Sensyne Health delisted

Two NHS hospitals in the UK have lost nearly $18 million after an AI startup they poured cash into delisted from the AIM sharemarket.

Nvidia pricing falling fast
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Apparently it is working with partners to reduce prices more 

While we have been reporting how the price of Nvidia GPUs is falling for a while, it seems that the company wants the prices to drop further and is having a quiet word with its partners to make it so. 

Hacker exposes revenge posters
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Sh*t hits the fan

A hacker has exposed the users of revenge website Sh*tExpress and leaked the company's secure data, including customer email addresses and the messages they sent through the platform.

Samsung announces global launch of Odyssey Ark gaming monitor
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55-inch of Quantum Mini LED 1000R curved screen for $3,500

Samsung has officially announced the global launch of Odyssey Ark, a 55-inch 1000R curved 4K 165Hz gaming monitor that was originally showcased at the CES show.