LG launched phone powered by Gyrfalcon AI chip
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First big customer

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is one of the hot names in AI startups, and the company managed to score a big customer for its AI chip.

TSMC jacks up capital spending
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5G growth better than expected

TSMC raised its 2019 capital spending plan by up to $5 billion on Thursday and forecasted a nearly 10 percent rise in fourth-quarter revenue on strong demand for faster mobile chips and 5G smartphones.

Former Apple people innovate smartphones
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Innovation happens outside the fruity cargo cult

A startup founded by former Apple bloke is coming up with cutting edge technology which aims to innovate the smartphone industry.

AI can't check for fake news
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You need humans to tell a flat earth, anti-vax, 5G conspiracy theory from the real thing

Hopes that we might be able to use machine learning to distinguish the sheep from the goats in the news have been dashed by two papers released by MIT boffins.

Firefox pleases the Germans
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Very precise on security

The German Federal Office for Information Security (the Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik for short) has given the thumbs up to the latest flavour of Firefox because its security is much better than other browsers on the market.

Microsoft's Edge stops distributing E
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Eezer Goode no longer

Software King of the world Microsoft appears to have stopped taking the E out of its users and is replacing its Edge logo.

AI-powered Google Clips scrapped
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It turns out people didn
't want to record things in that much detail

Google is discontinuing its AI-powered Google Clips, a small camera designed to use technology to capture and preserve life's most memorable moments automatically.

IBM revenue misses targets
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Let down by its global technology services unit

Big Blue disappointed the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street with its quarterly revenue announcements.

Chipzilla has not given up on 5G
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Spends $27 million on it

Chipzilla has just bought shedloads of 5G software, despite closing down its own 5G modem business.

UK sees sense and realise it can't block internet porn
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Nationwide age verification system dropped

Plans to introduce a nationwide age verification system for online pornography have been abandoned by the government after years of technical troubles and concerns from privacy campaigners.