Nokia launches Edge Cloud data centre solution
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Claims it is the first to meet low-latency data processing demands of Cloud RAN

Nokia has launched an Edge Cloud data centre solution and claims it is the first to meet the stringent and diverse low-latency data processing demands of Cloud RAN and advanced applications for consumers and industries.

Oracle expects cloud use to grow
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Oracle expansion is cool for Catz

Despite upsetting Wall Street with its lacklustre returns from cloud sales, Oracle's CEO Safra Catz  claims that she expects an acceleration in the company’s cloud business.

IBM’s new mainframe headed for the clouds
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Capable of processing 850 million fully encrypted transactions per day per day

Big Blue has been showing off two new mainframe systems which are widely seen as its latest attempt to get its hardware into cloud data centres.

Humans responsible for most cloud errors
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IBM study

Cloud-related cyber attacks saw a significant 424 percent jump mainly owing to human error.

MariaDB buys a Bulgarian Mammoth
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Part of a greater cloud expansion

Finnish open source data base outfit MariaDB has written a cheque for the Bulgarian enterprise analytics database company MammothDB.

Barracuda snaps at European cloud cluelessness
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Most still think on-premise security is better

New research from Barracuda shows that while cloud has been a industry bussword for some time, most EU businesses are clueless when it comes to the technology.

US politicians try backdoor to take foreign data
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Bipartisan deal will force US Cloud companies to hand over data

Buried in a federal spending bill released late is bipartisan legislation to clarify a law that would require Cloud companies to hand over data stored overseas.

Alibaba has 40 quantum cats
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China investigates potentially dead and alive moggies

Alibaba Cloud and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) built a superconducting quantum computing cloud powered by a quantum processor with 11 quantum bits (qubits) of power.

Microsoft beats Wall Street thanks to cloudy fortune
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Paid $13.8 billion tax bill

Software King of the World Microsoft beat the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street’s profit forecast thanks to its growth in its cloud computing business but took a $13.8 billion one-time charge due to the new tax law which enabled it to bring its colossal cash mountain to the US.

SAP  invests more in clouds
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Strategic transition in Callidus

The maker of expensive management software which is so esoteric few people know what it does has decided to invest $2.4 billion to get more practical about clouds.