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Oxide launches "first commercial cloud" computer

by on30 October 2023

Cloud in your own company 

Oxide, a startup founded by computing experts from Joyent and Dell, launched what it calls the world's first "commercial cloud computer."

Oxide CEO Steve Tuck said that cloud computing "remains restricted to a centralised, rental-only model." There are many reasons why an enteprise might want to own their infrastructure — security, reliability, cost, and response time/latency issues — and as Tuck sees it, "the rental-only model has denied them modern cloud capabilities for these use cases.

"We are changing that."

Apparently, this is a "rack-scale system that enterprises can own to reap the benefits and flexibility of cloud computing on-premises, right within their data centre. "

Oxide said that its new offering can finally put an end to the "cloud vs on-prem" dilemma enterprises face while setting up their infrastructure.

Since 2019 Oxide has thrown a team of 60 technologists at the problem — and has an impressive list of current customers including the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. Oxide also announced that within just a few months, there'll be additional installments at multiple Fortune 1000 companies. And beyond that, Oxide is also boasting that they now have "a long wait list of customers ready to install once production catches up with demand."

Oxide's press packet lays out other advantages for their servers. "Power usage is 2x efficient, takes up half the space, and can be up and running in just four hours instead of three months."


Last modified on 30 October 2023
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