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Lime Wire alive for two more weeks

by on08 June 2010


Judge wants response to moves to shut it

will stay alive for another two weeks after the Judge Kimba Wood gave Lime Wire lawyers two weeks to respond to a motion filed Friday by the music industry to close it down.

The besieged file-sharing service is likely to croak after Wood granted summary judgment for the Recording Industry Association of America and found the outfit guilty of copyright infringement. The RIAA told Wood that every day LimeWire is running “irreparable harm” is done to the four top record companies. Lime Group have made millions of dollars from the service, but it is unlikely the outfit will survive.

Michael Sommer, an attorney representing Lime Group, asked Wood for two additional weeks to file a response to the RIAA's request for a permanent injunction, but she denied it. Once Lime Wire has responded, the RIAA gets two weeks to respond to that filing. Wood can, however look at the Lime Wire filing and decide that it is not enough to justify the outfit still running.

RIAA lawyers are rubbing their paws for when the court addresses the issue of damages. The RIAA told the judge that it believes it has the right to ask Lime Wire for information on the net worth of all the defendants. This could be about a billion dollars.
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