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Sony releases patch for overheating Vaio

by on01 July 2010

Flaming Bios
Sony has admitted that its Vaio F11 and CW2 series notebooks may overheat.

The problem is due to a possible fault in the internal temperature management system and could result deformation of the products' keyboard or chassis. It could also catch fire.

Sony is offering a firmware for consumers to update their system to prevent the potential overheating problem. The laptops are being recalled to have a new Bios installed.

A US Consumer Product Safety Commission report said that Sony has received 30 complaints about the overheating problems in its notebooks, but no injuries have been reported. The CPSC said 233,000 notebooks are being affected by the "recall."

Sony is insisting that it is not "recalling" the product but 260,000 units in the US, 103,000 units in Europe, 120,000 units in Southeast Asia and 52,000 units in Japan just need to be fixed.

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