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Woman arrested for Facebook poking

by on13 October 2009


You can't poke in America

Coppers in
the Land of the Free have arrested a woman who poked someone on Facebook.

While it would appear that police believe that Facebook poking is a literal attempt to make physical contact, in fact the woman in question was breaking a court order. Quite how the court order was phrased to include Facebook poking reports are not saying, but US coppers feel they have enough on the woman to say “you are nicked sunshine”.

Shannon D. Jackson, 36, was arrested for "poking" to contact a woman she had been ordered not to communicate with. Poking can mean anything including saying "hi." Hendersonville police made copies of the page showing the poke just in case anyone said that Jackson had not poked.

An affidavit was filed in Sumner County General Sessions Court and Jackson was taken to the Sumner County Jail on $1,500 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court later this month.
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