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Toshiba 51GB HD-DVD fights the Blu-ray

by on01 March 2007

Is an additional GB enough to decide?

The battle
between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is not based on who has the better technology but who has a bigger ego. The resolution of an issue is not easy thing as the standards are not technologically compatible. Merging DVD-RW and DVD+RW in one was much easier task as both devices were using the same laser.

Unfortunately Blu-ray has blue laser and is definitely far from being compatible with a laser that HD-DVD use. Until now, Blu-ray had better specs, and we believed that it has better chances, at least on long term.

Toshiba thinks that the war is far from being over. It has a 51GB HD DVD for a new battle. This is a three layer disc that can totally store 51 GB or 17 GB per layer. The discs should be available by the end of the year.

As we expected, there are no information about the cost of the 51 GB disc or performance regarding the third layer. We still don't know can the current devices support the new drives. But it is a cool press gimmick.


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