Halloween Sale : Get Windows 10 From Only €12, Office 2019 From €34, And More!
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New interesting offer from CDKoffers in anticipation of Halloween.

If you need a Windows 10 license or you need to activate your trial version of Office we recommend you not to miss this opportunity.

Apple under antitrust pressure from French firms
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Advertisers up in arms

The French competition bureau has received complaints from publishers and advertising firms alleging that Apple is busting their collective asses.

Trump website hacked
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28 October 2020

Trump website hacked

Stumped on the stump

Donald Trump's campaign website suffered a cyber attack yesterday with hackers claiming to have dug deep into the president's private matters.

HyperX announces lightweight gaming mouse
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Gets your skates on

A 59 gram gaming mouse has appeared on the market, with claims that it offers quicker movements and increased ventilation.

Microsoft buys Bethesda Softworks
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It has money in its pocket

While Microsoft is readying updates to its Xbox gaming platform, it has opened its wallet and bought a company with a raft of games.

Apple blasted by Blix
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21 September 2020

Apple blasted by Blix

Pens snottogram to Euro antitrust supremo

An American app creator has alleged Apple is not playing by the rule book and has taken its complaints offshore to the European bloc, said Reuters.

Microsoft working on a cheaper 12.5-inch Surface
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Filling the gap between Surface Go and Surface Pro

According to the latest rumors, it appears that Microsoft is working on a new 12.5-inch Surface laptop that will cost less.

Google Pixel 5 to end up with Snapdragon 765G
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90Hz display and ultra-wide camera in tow

While Pixel 4a is already up and about as one of the best value smartphone, all eyes are now pointed at the upcoming Pixel 5, which should end up with the Snapdragon 765G SoC, 90Hz screen, and a better camera system.

Cyborgs coming real soon now
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“It's intelligence, but not as we know it, Captain”

Boffins claim they've come up a material that could merge human brains with electronics.

US puts more pressure on Huawei
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Blacklist grows

Donald Trump's administration intends to turn the screws further on Chinese tech giant Huawei.