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Galaxy S5 owns 0.7 per cent of the Android market

by on23 April 2014

Huge numbers after one week of release

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 already makes up 0.7% of the every active Android smartphone in the world, just one week after release. Given that there is a huge number of Android devices on the market, this is quite impressive. To put it in some perspective Localytics notes that Apple managed to capture 1.1 per cent of the iOS market one week after the release of the iPhone 5s. But that market is a lot smaller and only includes Apple gear.

Samsung had to contend with a very strong competitor in the form of the very nice HTC One (M8) this quarter. Most of the Galaxy S5 sales were on Apple’s home ground of the United States which counted for 64 per cent of all Galaxy S5 sales last week. Europe brought in 23 per cent and everyone else took the remaining 13 per cent. The phone still hasn’t been released in many European countries so the Euro percentage will go up in the next few months.

All up, it looks like Apple is losing the smartphone war and unless it brings out a phone which is substantially different from Samsung it is going to suffer badly. Word on the street is that it is having trouble getting its super sized iPhone ready for market and what will be released later this year will just be a fairly bog standard iPhone with a slightly bigger screen (yawn).

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