Samsung and LG argue over what is 8K
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Ours is better than yours

Samsung and LG are clashing over the image quality of their 8K TVs, each claiming that their ultra-high-definition televisions are "the bestest" and the other smells of a Nintendo gaming system.

Reviewers could not destroy Samsung's foldable phone
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It is not as if they didn’t try

Samsung's $2,000 foldable smartphone was scheduled to launch earlier this year but was delayed after Apple fanboys working for the US tech press tried to destroy their review copies to prove how easy it was.

Samsung will release a phone which folds into four
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Know your future with a four-way split

Samsung is preparing to unveil its second foldable device early next year, a luxury phone that folds down into a compact-sized square.

Samsung sells more phone components
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Targets Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo to make up for lost sales

Samsung Electronics is expanding its supply of smartphone components such as camera image sensors and display panels to Chinese phone makers.

Samsung releases two versions of its flagship Galaxy Note 10
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Note 10 and the jumbo Note 10+.

Samsung announced two versions of its flagship Galaxy Note 10 smartphone: the regular Note 10 and the jumbo Note 10+.

Samsung suffers from memory glut
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Profits slashed by half

Samsung posted a 56 percent plunge in June-quarter profit as an oversupply of memory chips continued to weigh down prices.

Samsung's foldable is ready again
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Will go on sale in September

Samsung's first foldable smartphone will go on sale in September after problems with the device delayed its initial release.

Samsung dumps headphone jack in smartphones
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Galaxy Note 10 leak shows

Samsung has been one of the only large smartphone manufacturers to insist on keeping the headphone jack in its flagship phones. But that is about to come to an end with the Galaxy Note 10.

Nvidia admits TSMC and Samsung both making next gen GPU
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Rumours were partly true

The graphics chip maker named after a Roman vengeance demon, Nvidia has confirmed that its next-generation GPU will continue to be produced by TSMC and Samsung.

Samsung in hot water down under
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You can't swim with them you drongos

Australia’s consumer watch-dingo has come to the raw prawn and sued Samsung’s Aussie unit for misleading consumers by promoting water-resistant Galaxy smartphones as suitable to use in swimming pools and the surf.