Samsung unveils flagship Note9 smartphone
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Bigger screen, better battery, new S Pen and new SoC

Samsung has officially announced its latest flagship in the Note lineup, the Note9, which comes with a bigger screen, better battery, new S Pen, a couple of other updates, as well as a hefty price tag.

Samsung Electric profit growth slows
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Surrender Tame Apple Press tells Samsung

Samsung Electronics posted its slowest quarterly profit growth in more than a year and the Tame Apple Press has put the boot in.

Samsung announces mass production of 2nd gen 16Gb LPDDR4X
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Slimmer chip for slimmer smartphones

While it has only recently announced 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM prototypes, the company is not giving up on LPDDR4X memory as it has just announced mass production of the industry's first 2nd generation 10nm-class LPDDR4X DRAM that will bring slimmer chips and lower power consumption while maintaining the same data rate.

Samsung gets the nod to bend
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Samsung one step closer to unbreakable screens that bend in half 

Samsung Display has announced that its unbreakable, bendable screen has passed safety testing in the United States, a step that will help the South Korean firm market the product.

Samsung's IOT has security flaws
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Issues in the centralised controller

Cisco Talos researchers found flaws located in Samsung's centralised controller, a component that connects to an array of IoT devices around the house -- from light bulbs, thermostats, and cameras.

Samsung announces its new 43-inch C43J89 32:10 monitor
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3840x1200 resolution, VA-panel, and 120Hz refresh rate

Samsung has unveiled its latest C43J89 43-inch ultrawide monitor which will come with a unique 32:10 aspect ratio VA-panel with 3840x1200 resolution, which pretty much means you get two 1920x1200 monitors without the middle bezel.

Samsung readies its foldable phone
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And so it comes to pass

We've already reported on Samsung's plans to create a  mobile phone with a foldable screen, but now it looks like it will be released in 2019.

LG and Samsung abandon high end smartphone focus
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Copying Apple's plan did not work

Samsung and LG have apparently adopted a policy to launch as many as possible new smartphones in 2018 and are giving up on the plan to focus mostly on high end models.

Samsung opens world's largest mobile factory in India
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Will double Samsung's capacity

Samsung Electronics opened the world’s largest mobile phone factory in India.

Samsung expected to see smallest profits yet
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Smartphone cash cow is losing its Seoul

Samsung, much like its rival Apple, is finding that its smartphone cash cow is dying and the company is set to post its smallest profit growth in more than a year in the second quarter.