Samsung copies another one Apple's dumber moves
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Does it never learn?

After making the mistake of copying Apple and releasing its flagship phones for silly prices, and copying it again on getting rid of the headphone jack, Samsung has looked at Apple's really dumb idea to sting its users for more cash and said "we will be having some of that". 

Samsung working on a $900 Galaxy fold
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Saving cash with a lower spec

Samsung is working on a Galaxy Fold Lite for as cheap as $900  the mobile phone maker will slash costs by downgrading the camera capabilities and internal specifications.

Samsung launches curved gaming monitor
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Odyssey G7 gaming monitor out

Samsung announced the global launch of its Odyssey G7 gaming monitor which it claims is the world's first with a curvature radius of 1,000 millimeters.

Nvidia GA100 is a high-performance AI
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TSMC 7nm, next-gen Hopper 5nm

There have been rumors for quite some time about the Nvidia Ampere and the manufacturing nod. Nvidia’s first AI-based solution comes from TSMC, while some GPUs will be manufactured by Samsung too.

Samsung wants cameras which match human eyes
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Don't cross Samsung

Samsung is working on a camera sensor which can match human eyes and capture more detail.

Galaxy S10 Lite  goes on sale in US
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Showing Apple how to make a cheaper phone

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Lite will be available in the US and it will cost $650, the company announced today and it is available in any colour so long as it is black.

Samsung Galaxy Book S impresses
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Review: Great battery life ACPC

Microsoft was the first to ship Qualcomm's 8CX SoC the chip that they internally called Microsoft SQ1 inside the Surface Pro X. The machine did an impressive job with a nice screen, unique detachable design, and decent, but not great battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Book S came in a notebook form factor and significantly better battery endurance.   

Samsung and Xilinx Team Up for worldwide 5G commercial deployments
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Versal ACAP ideal for 5G

There is no doubt that Samsung is a big player in the 5G arena, both on the client and infrastructure side. Xilinx also managed to score an important 5G design win with its Xilinx Versal ACAP for worldwide 5G commercial deployments.

Samsung will deliver 3nm in 2022
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Multi Bridge Channel FET technology

Samsung is set to deliver a 3nm silicon manufacturing process in the year 2022 with shedloads of improvements to the transistor technology.

Samsung will shut off S-Voice assistant
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No one was paying attention

Samsung is shutting off the servers for its S-Voice voice assistant on June 1, 2020, at which point Samsung's original voice assistant will stop attempting to respond to voice queries.