Samsung plans to move smartphone production to India
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A big deal for India 

According to a new report, Samsung is planning to move a big part of its smartphone production to India.

Samsung teases the new Galaxy Z Fold2
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Larger and better screens, no notch, and more

During its Unpacked August 2020 event, Samsung also announced the new Galaxy Z Fold2 smartphone, a $2,000 priced flagship and successor to the original Galaxy Z Fold.

Samsung rolls out the new Galaxy Note20, Note20 Ultra
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Better screens, better cameras, and better S Pen

Samsung has officially unveiled its new Galaxy Note20 series and, as expected, the new Galaxy Note20 has been upgraded in all aspects, from hardware to software, including better screens, new camera system, better S Pen, and more.

Samsung denies killing Bixby
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As part of a revenue sharing deal with Google

Samsung has denied rumours that it is considering dropping its Bixby virtual assistant and Galaxy Apps Store from its mobile devices as part of a new global revenue sharing deal with Google.

Samsung and TSMC gets boost from Intel outsourcing rumours
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Rivals feast on Intel woes

Shares of Samsung Electronics and TSMC rose as the cocaine nose-jobs of Wall Street believe that Intel will outsource more chip manufacturing to cover its 7nm failure.

Older Samsung Blu-Ray players bricked
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No software fix

Since the middle of last month, thousands of Samsung customers found their older internet-connected Blu-ray players had been bricked.

Samsung says expect 6G in 2028
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Enabling Mobile Holograms and Digital Twins

While badly educated peasants, under the guidance conspiracy theory priests are sharpening their pitchforks to bring down 5G towers, Samsung is predicting 6G will be here in 2028.

Samsung copies another one Apple's dumber moves
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Does it never learn?

After making the mistake of copying Apple and releasing its flagship phones for silly prices, and copying it again on getting rid of the headphone jack, Samsung has looked at Apple's really dumb idea to sting its users for more cash and said "we will be having some of that". 

Samsung working on a $900 Galaxy fold
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Saving cash with a lower spec

Samsung is working on a Galaxy Fold Lite for as cheap as $900  the mobile phone maker will slash costs by downgrading the camera capabilities and internal specifications.

Samsung launches curved gaming monitor
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Odyssey G7 gaming monitor out

Samsung announced the global launch of its Odyssey G7 gaming monitor which it claims is the world's first with a curvature radius of 1,000 millimeters.