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Samsung's patent brawl

by on18 March 2024

Tech giant stands its ground against troll onslaught

Telephone maker Samsung has been thrown in the ring with shedloads of money-grabbing patent trolls.

While patent trolls, companies who buy up old patients, and sue companies which have developed similar tech have been around for ages, it seems that Samsung is being targeted more.

The sleuths at Unified Patents did some digging, and they found a whopping 404 lawsuits lobbed at Samsung in the good USA in the last five years. And more than half of those are from cheeky chancers who don't even run a proper business.

When you compare it to the other tech titans, it's clear Samsung's got a target on its back. Google had 168 cases, Apple dealt with 142, and Amazon saw 74, but Samsung? They're leading the pack with 404.

For example, one outfit called KP Innovations has targeted Samsung for its foldy phones, ignoring all the other guys making the same kit.

The trolls mostly hope that they will be paid to disappear, as their victims can’t be bothered with expensive court cases. However, according to Sammobile, Samsung is standing up to them and said it will fight them in court. It is also filing patents like there's no tomorrow, over 9,000 in 2023 alone, just in case some troll comes after its lunch money.


Last modified on 18 March 2024
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