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Apple encourages users to recycle its products

by on22 April 2014

Best thing for them

Fruity cargo cult Apple is trying to encourage its fanboy base to save the planet by recycling their toy gadgets. Apparently, our method of dealing with Apple products by throwing them off tall buildings and hitting them with hammers while chanting the mantra “die Apple die” is environmentally unsound.

Starting today, all of the company's stores will accept any Apple product for recycling at no charge. If it looks like some other sucker will buy it, the company will offer some store credit to sweeten the deal. We really hope that the iPhones and iPads are not being returned to the land of their birth to be stripped down on Chinese rubbish dump.

Lisa Jackson, VP of environmental initiatives said that Apple wants to "use all our innovation and all of our expertise to make the planet more secure and make the environment better."

Of course the answer to that is not to make products which will be obsolete in a year and replaced by almost identical products with an S-suffix..

To be fair Apple has been doing rather well on environmental issues lately and even was named as Greenpeace’s most improved company this year. All of the company's data centres are powered by clean energy, which includes power sources such as wind and solar. (But what about smug emissions? Ed)

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