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Samsung dominates Android market with 63.3 percent share

by on11 November 2013


Peanuts for others

Google has been somewhat trying to reduce Samsung's domination in the Android world but the company is still holding firm with a massive 63.3 percent share of all Android devices around the world, according to the latest data from Localytics.

While most other Android OS smartphone makers are stuck down at single digit market shares, Samsung is happily selling its smartphones and can brag with having top 7 most popular smartphones in the world, including the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4. The only non-Samsung smartphones that have any influence on that list are the HTC's One and Google-owned Motorola Droid RAZR.

While Samsung holds at 63.3 percent, HTC is at just 6.5 percent, most likely thanks to the popularity of the HTC One, LG is at 5.9 percent, Sony at 5.6 percent, Motorola at 5.0 percent while 13.5 percent goes out to all other smartphone makers.

Samsung still reigns supreme and it is highly unlikely that we will see any shifts in that market share anytime soon.

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Last modified on 11 November 2013
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