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EA expected to pull out the big guns

by on21 May 2013

New titles and Next Gen looks expected

While Electronic Arts was not a part of the Sony press event for PlayStation 4, it is expected that EA will be playing a big role in the Microsoft Xbox event today. While DICE has already promised an announcement on Battlefield 4, EA is expected to show off the new Next Generation FIFA 14 as part of the Xbox event.

In addition, sources are whispering that EA will also be announcing its first UFC title. If you will remember, EA had acquired the license from THQ when the developer had to unload it. While EA has not released an MMA title since 2010, news about its new Next Generation UFC title is sure to be a big hit, assuming that is what EA has planned. EA has been hard at work on this title since acquiring the license, but so far it has not shared anything about its plans for the release of the title.

Beyond Next Generation versions of Battlefield 4, FIFA, and UFC, the company also has said in recent comments that the new NBA Live and a new Need for Speed title are also in the works for Next Generation consoles. While we don’t expect EA to talk about all of them because they need to save something for E3, we do think that they could also get a mention.

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