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HTC posts horrible quarterly figures

by on08 April 2013

Profit down 91.5% YoY

It is no secret that HTC is in trouble, but the company’s latest quarterly financial results seem to indicate that even the pessimists were off their mark.

HTC’s profits slipped to just $2.85 million last quarter, down 91.5 percent compared to last year. Analysts had expected more than $15 million in net profit, on top of higher revenues.

Worse, the company was forced to delay its flagship HTC One smartphone due to component shortages. The One uses a revolutionary new camera, which is apparently so revolutionary that it can’t be built.

HTC recently announced that it would rethink its marketing approach and spend a lot more cash in the process. Sadly though, it seems to be a bit too late for that. HTC makes some brilliant phones, but it just can’t get its message across. Even if it gets its act together and boost marketing, it will never be able to match Samsung’s runaway marketing budget.

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