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No Android ICS update for Desire HD after all

by on30 July 2012


HTC comes clean

After many recent rumours regarding Android ICS update for HTC's Desire HD smartphone, HTC has finally come clean and issued a statement and an explanation why we will not see an update.

According to HTC, the main reason is the risk of users losing their own personal data during the update process. According to HTC, due to the larger size of the ICS update internal space of the Desire HD would have to be repartitioned in order to get the ICS on board and although some "advanced" users might find this solution acceptable, many other customers simply would not.

HTC also considered some ways to reduce the size of the software package which, unfortunately, impacts features and functionality and has some other technical limitations that negatively impacts the user experience. HTC also noted that this is indeed a change from their previous statement and said that they are truly sorry.

Of course, those with Desire HD can always go for a Cyanogenmod 9 ICS ROM, or even Cyanogenmod 10 beta.

You can check out HTC's full statement here.


Last modified on 30 July 2012
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