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Richland 28nm APU uses FM2 socket

by on04 July 2012

2013 launch, A10, 8, 6, 4 brands

AMD has revealed some plans for 2013 transition to 28nm process and the replacement for Trinity APUs, codenamed Richland. It’s a quad or dual-core with TDPs for quad set at 100W and it looks like the new APUs will continue to use the same FM2 socket.

Trinity uses FM2 socket for all A10, A8, A6 and A4 parts and the fact that it will be future proof and able to accommodate next generation APUs sounds like great news.

The top SKU is a quad core A10 xxxx with a K suffix at the end, and as you probably know “K” stands for unlocked multiplier, which in turn stands for overclockability. It’s still too early for the official number and the specification.
According to our sources the new Richland APU comes with 4MB cache and its new Radeon graphics feature 384 cores, the same number that we’ve seen with high-end Trinity parts, but they have underlined that the number or cores is not equivalent to the previous generation due a new graphics architecture which provides a performance boost.

We can also confirm that besides being unlocked, Richland will continue supporting dual graphics, AMD turbo core automatic overclocking, Blu-ray 3D, AMD –V, Multimedia Video with UVD 3.2, Direct compute and Open CL.

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