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AMD Richland 28nm APU comes in Q2 2013

by on06 July 2012

Late Q2 that is

We mentioned quite a few details about AMD’s Richland here and now we managed to get a bit more information, including a launch timeframe.

If AMD manages to stick to the current schedule, production candidate samples should be out in late Q4 2012. So, if all goes well, AMD might choose to show some demos at CES 2013.

Production candidate samples should work at the final frequency and should have all the features. After this development step, Richland should move to a production ready sample stage by mid-Q1 2013 and it should be ready for production in early Q2 2013.

It usually takes a while until GlobalFoundries manages to produce enough chips for launch. The current plan is to build up inventory and launch them in late Q2 2013. If AMD doesn’t hit any delays Computex or the first days of June 2013 seem like a good bet for a more accurate launch timeframe.

As we mentioned earlier, Richland is the first chip in AMD’s new FM2 platform and should work at least in some boards upcoming boards based on the A-series Virgo FM2 platform, designed for Trinity APUs.

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