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Dual-core Trinity is A6 5400K

by on03 July 2012

3.6GHz clock and 65W TDP

AMD definitely has one thing Intel can’t compete with. They have superior integrated graphics and in the case of dual-core Trinity APUs, the graphics core is about to get better.

The plan is that in early Q3 AMD will launch a new CPU called A6 5400K, an unlocked 3.6GHz dual-core that can get to 3.8GHz with turbo. The GPU of choice that gets integrated in the same core is HD 7540D and of course it’s a DirectX 11 compatible part derived from the mobile Southern Islands family.

The new core has 65W TDP which is really nice for a standard desktop part, and the new graphics now has 192 shaders, 32 more than the dual-core Llano. The graphics core of A6 5400K works at 760MHz and the maximum memory speed supported is 1866MHz and let’s not forget that this processor supports dual graphics.

The fastest Llano dual-core goes under the name A4 3420 works at 2.8GHz and has no turbo support, has the same 65W TDP and HD 6410D graphics from the previous Northern Islands generation. The new A6 5400K core should end up significantly faster due to its massive clock increase and better graphics. 

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