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AMD FX-8150 drops to €180

by on24 April 2012

Dirt cheap flagship

Intel might be grabbing all the headlines with Ivy Bridge, but there’s a bit good news out of AMD as well.

European retailers have dropped the price of AMD’s flagship eight-core FX-8150 from €219 to about €180. This sounds like a very nice deal indeed, since the 3.6GHz behemoth now costs as much as Intel’s cheapest Ivy Bridge quad core, or a mid-range Core i5 Sandy Bridge part.

Sadly, it seems AMD did not cut prices across the range, only the 8150 is getting a discount, but this might be a sign of things to come. The company has not updated its official price list yet and there is a chance we will see similar cuts on other FX-series parts, or Llanos for that matter.

Let’s not forget, Trinity is just a few weeks away so this is probably not the best time to go for a Llano APU. Price cuts are in order and we will probably see some Llano bargains in a month or so.

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