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Nvidia GTX 680 price now set at $499

by on20 March 2012

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Still no official RRP price

You might have remember that we said the GTX 680 price wasn't carved in stone and could be easily changed. Today it looks like Nvidia did just that. The new price that partners recieved this morning is $499.

Either Nvidia has seen the general opinion on the GTX 680 higher than expected price tag, or simply dropped the $549 price tag to see AMD's reaction and force another round of price wars. Only Nvidia knows the back story and it is hard to confirm anything, but for now, partners have started hearing talk of a new $499 price tag.

At $499, the GTX 680 certainly sounds like a much better deal and we are sure that AMD will respond with a similar cut. Until today, AMD wasn't worried about GTX 680 due to its $549 price tag and, unofficially, focused on factory overclocked HD 7970 that should end up on a par with the GTX 680.

Still, there are no talks regarding the official "Recommended Retail Price" or RRP and European price is still unknown. As always the price in Europe will tend to end up a bit higher.

Once again we must note that price is not official and until the card shows up on retail/e-tail shelves, or we hear an Nvidia's official RRP price, things can still change.


Last modified on 20 March 2012
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