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AMD HD 7990 specs show up

by on20 March 2012

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Dual Tahiti XT apparently

As we draw close to the official Nvidia GTX 680 Kepler GK104 launch day it is no wonder that we'll hear more and more about AMD's upcoming dual-GPU HD 7990 graphics card and Chinese site INPAI has shed some new light on the dual-headed beast. Apparently, the HD 7990 will pack two Tahiti XT chips squeezed together on one PCB.

According to the post at INPAI, the upcoming HD 7990 features two 28nm GCN Tahiti XT chips, same one found on the HD 7970 graphics card. This means that we are looking at a card that will have 2048 stream processors and 3GB of memory per GPU. Appearently, these two Tahiti chips will end up clocked at 850MHz while memory will work at 1250MHz (5GHz effective).

Unfortunately, there is still no word regarding the HD 7970 price drop and if it stays like this, the HD 7990 will have an insane price tag, reserved only for those with a really deep pocket.

You can find the INPAI post here.


Last modified on 20 March 2012
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