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Lynx Point supports 14 nm Broadwell chips

by on23 February 2012

Intel 1H 2014 chip

Intel has slowed down its roadmap for roughly two quarters over the last three years. It used to launch its chips in Q4 and now it launches them in early Q2 of next year.

This is not a big deal as now it seems to launch a new generation roughly a year after another, but launches come at a rather awkward time, as Q2 is usually marked by pretty slow sales.

We still need to see first Ivy Bridge 22nm notebooks starting selling in April 2012 and we already know that Haswell two and single chip platforms are scheduled for 1H 2013, roughly a year after Ivy.

Intel didn’t mind hinting that current notebook chipset codenamed Lynx point are also ready to take care of the next generation, 14nm Broadwell processor. Just bear in mind that Intel goes to 14 nanometer process much faster than the ARM alliance and this will be its key advantage over bushel of ARM chip manufacturers.

Qualcomm is first ARM partners to have 28nm ready and Intel already has 22nm chips ready for shipping. It looks like Intel is a generation ahead of Globalfoundries and TSMC and it is not planning to slow down.

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