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Shark Bay 2013 has one and two chip platforms coming

by on22 February 2012

2013 Haswell comes in two flavors

Intel has detailed the Shark Bay 2013 two-chip platform, Haswell a new architecture with new graphics and new 22nm CPU core paired up with the Lynx Point chipset. This is the first part of platform that we wrote about here.

Intel also hinted out that there will be a one-chip Shark Bay platform. We don’t know many details about Shark Bay one-chip platform apart of the fact that it exists and that Intel will give more details about it in the near future.

One can only speculate that it is a full System-on-Chip that comes with chipset integrated in the same package as the CPU and GPU. This will enable Intel to make smaller motherboards, save a few additional watts and put itself in a better position to fight ARM devices.

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