Dolmen won't get Intel XeSS at launch
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Coming "this summer"

Dolmen developers have detailed its upscaling technology support, confirming that the game won't get Intel XeSS at launch.

Intel's beta GPU driver reveals full Arc lineup
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Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7 series GPUs

The latest Intel Beta GPU driver pretty much listed the entire Intel Arc GPU lineup.

AMD making inroads into Intel’s market share
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Even as chip sales fall

AMD has hit a new high in overall CPU market share over Chipzilla despite an overall drop in the total sales of these chips.

Intel confirms its Arc is facing delays
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Desktop versions are still on track for Q2 2022

In an official blog post, Intel has confirmed that Arc GPUs are facing delays, mostly due to COVID and supply-chain issues, but claims that desktop versions are still on track for Q2 2022.

Intel releases Gaudi2
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Named after a guy who designed something that would not be finished

Intel launched a new chip called Gaudi2 focused on artificial intelligence computing, as the chip manufacturer makes a bigger push into the AI chip market currently dominated by Nvidia.

Intel Alder Lake-HX mobile processors details leak
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First laptop platform with 16 cores

Intel Alder Lake-HX mobile processors details have leaked giving pundits a chance to see what performance we can expect from the new 16 core laptop CPUs.

Intel a mess
Published in PC Hardware
29 April 2022

Intel a mess

Financial results show woe, woe and thrice woe 

Intel's PC business fell by 13 per cent something that the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street considered a strong first quarter.

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids details leaked
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Unfortunately, it is not too sexy for Milan

New details have leaked about Intel’s upcoming Sapphire Rapids-SP 56-core processor which is intended for use in data centres and it looks like it could get a kicking from AMD’s Milan.

Possible Intel Arc A770 spotted in Geekbench
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ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe cores and 512 EUs

A possible flagship Intel Arc A770 graphics card has been spotted in Geekbench, running at 2.4GHz.

Intel to increase chip performance
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Fivefold increase per watt

Intel says it wants to achieve fivefold increase in performance per watt for its next-generation CPU-GPU.