Intel now suffers from TPM-FAIL
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Allows an attacker to retrieve cryptographic keys

Intel has fixed two vulnerabilities discovered by a team of academics called TPM-FAIL that could allow an attacker to retrieve cryptographic keys stored inside TPMs.

Intel fixes something it said fixed six months ago
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Dutch researchers found Intel's patch only fixed some of the issues

Chipzilla has issued a patch for some processor vulnerabilities which were supposed to have been fixed in an earlier patch it released six months ago.

Intel begins production of Stratix 10 chip
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The die is cast

Intel has started production of a new high capacity Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for production emulation systems.

Intel caught pushing "dodgy" benchmarks
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Tell me it isn't so

Chipzilla has been accused of fudging benchmarks to show the advantage of a dual Intel Xeon Platinum 9282 system versus the AMD EPYC 7742.

AMD and Intel gear up for high-profile launches
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Will higher motherboard prices be AMD's Achilles heel?

A processor war is expected to erupt this month as Intel and AMD square off with three big product launches across mainstream and high-end platforms.

Intel relaunches new Xeon E-2200
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It is now a Low-end server processor

Intel is relaunching the Xeon E-2200 line, which it first introduced in May for workstations, as a low-end server processor for simpler tasks.

Intel's security problems are not going away
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Linux man warns

Chipzilla's security problems are not going away, Linux kernel maintainer, Greg Kroah-Hartman has warned.

Intel taped out, booted discrete GPU
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Codename DG1 is alive CEO confirms

Intel’s CEO Bob Swan has provided the financial community an update on its good Q3 2019 financial performance and mentioned a few recent milestones. In this quarter, Q3 19, Intel achieved power on exit for the first discrete GPU.

Core i9-9900KS Special Edition is out
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$513 shipping October 30

Intel announced that Core i9 9900KS would ship at the end of the month, and today, week 44 and the last days of October,  has revealed  all new cores to 5GHz CPU. The CPU will be available on October 30 and sell for $513. The new 9900KS CPU should be an ultimate gaming powerhouse as all eight cores work at 5GHz and base clock of 4 GHz. Europeans will have to count out 550 Euro for the KS.

Micron takes on Intel’s hard drives for data centre business
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Stab your former-partner in the back time

Micron has released a new line of hard drives aimed at data centres which will make its former partner Intel cry.