Chipzilla's Raptor Lake CPUs are extinct
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Meets its meteor

Chipzilla, also known as Intel, is ringing the death knell for its overclockable Core i5, i7, and i9 Raptor Lake CPUs. The K-series lineup is set to become tech fossils after 24 May 2024, with vendors getting their last chance to snap them up.

Qualcomm joins Canonical's elite circle
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Tech Titans Team Up

Qualcomm is set to join Canonical's "silicon partners," a coveted club that boasts big names like Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and Arm.

AMD and Intel motherboards receive BIOS updates
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Fixing LogoFAIL flaw

AMD and Intel motherboards have received BIOS updates to kill off the LogoFAIL vulnerability, causing a stir since December 2023.

Intel teams up with Ubisoft for Star Wars Outlaws bundle
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Bundles it with 14th gen CPUs and laptops

Both Ubisoft and Intel have announced their team-up for the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws game, with Intel bundling it with its Core 14th Gen CPUs and laptops.

Intel Core Ultra Lunar Lake platform packs >100 TOPS
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Laptops on shelves before Christmas

In addition to announcing the new Gaudi 3 AI accelerator and unveiling the new Xeon 6 branding for upcoming Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest processors, at its Vision 2024 event Intel also revealed a bit more information about the upcoming Core Ultra Lunar Lake processor for laptops.

Intel Battlemage GPUs to launch ahead of holiday shopping season
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Intel wants it on the market before November

Intel has so far managed to keep most information about its upcoming Battlemage GPUs well hidden and has only confirmed that these are on track. Now, rumors suggest that Intel aims to launch these GPs before the all-important holiday shopping season, which peaks with Black Friday.

Chipzilla’s Core i9 CPUs being returned in droves
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Normally thought of as the best gaming processor

Intel’s recent Core i9 CPUs are being returned in droves by angry customers.

Intel releases XeSS 1.3 SDK with improved upscaler
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Significantly improves performance and image quality

Intel has released the new XeSS 1.3 update with an improved upscaler, promising a significant performance uplift in all presets, better image quality, as well as a whole new Ultra Performance preset.

Kaby Lake-G platform arises from the dead
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Chipzilla's zombie chip invoked for mini-PC motherboard

Kaby Lake-G, the Intel CPU that incorporated an AMD GPU directly into the CPU package, was declared dead in 2019, yet this hasn't deterred a a plucky company's bringing it back from the dead and plonked it into a mini PC motherboard.

New Intel Battlemage GPUs spotted in SiSoftware Sandra database
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Featuring 20 and 24 Xe-Cores, and 12GB of VRAM

Intel is keeping the details of its upcoming Intel Battlemage GPUs under tight wraps, but now some of the information has been spotted in the SiSoftware Sandra database, including two Xe2 chips.