Texas Instruments CEO disappears
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CEO disease is catching

The CEO of Texas Instruments (TI) has resigned because he has violated the company's code of conduct rules.

Intel updates its Graphics driver to version
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Brings fixes and improvements for several games

While you might not get a high FPS on extreme resolutions, Intel's iGPUs still hold a high percentage on Steam hardware survey, so there are plenty of users playing games on it, therefore it is good to see that Intel has started to more actively update its graphics drivers and bring support and bug fixes, including the latest Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 version

New Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2 flaws found
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Haunting which cannot be exorcised 

Two security boffins have found details about the new Spectre-class vulnerabilities,  –  Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2.

Fuzedrive now works on both Intel and AMD platforms
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Does what Optane should have done in the first place

Enmotus, the company which was behind AMD StoreMi that shipped with X470 chipset motherboards, has now released a new version of its own FuzeDrive Software, which, to much surprise, works both with AMD and Intel chipsets, and pretty much does what Intel Optane should have done in the first place.

AMD snatches a VP from Intel as well
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Vice President of Intel's Core and Visual Computing Group

While Intel managed to grab some key graphics guys from AMD, it appears that AMD can play that same game as Intel's VP Core and Visual Computing Group, Martin Ashton, has moved to AMD.

Intel to kill Extreme Edition branding
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Update: Intel says Extreme Edition is here to stay

According to a rumor floating around, Intel could soon kill its Extreme Edition branding, leaving the Core i9-7980XE as the last CPU with such branding.

Intel denies reports that it has abandoned its 5G modem
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5G plans unchanged

Intel has denied reports last week that Apple has decided not to use an Intel 5G modem called “Sunny Peak” in future iPhones and managed to get the magazine to "update its story".

COO Diane Bryant  leaves Google Cloud
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Intel’s first female CEO?

Ex-CEO Brian Krzanich was escorted out of Intel and this bombastic announcement made us try to find out on June 22nd who might be next in line to become Intel’s CEO. We suggested that Diane Bryant who went to Google as a COO could and she announce her departure a day ago.

Intel's 9th gen desktop CPUs leak online
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Just a 100-200MHz frequency bump

Following the leak that Intel will be releasing Coffee Lake-based six- and eight-core parts as its new 9000-series 9th generation CPUs, more details have shown up online revealing a minor 100MHz to 200MHz frequency bump across the lineup.

Intel Coffee Lake NUCs will have eDRAM
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Featuring Iris Plus Graphics 655 IGP

According to a fresh report, all Intel's new NUCs will come with Iris Plus Graphics 655 IGP with 128MB of eDRAM.