Intel walks away from 5G smartphone modem
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Apple to go alternatives

In a surprising twist of events, Intel has just announced that it plans to exit the 5G Smartphone modem business. The surprising announcement happened just hours after Apple announced that it had settled its years of legal battles against Qualcomm.

Intel launches Optane Memory H10 hybrid M.2 SSD
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Combines 3D XPoint with QLC NAND

Intel has officially launched its new Optane Memory H10 with SSD M.2 module, a hybrid solution that will combine Intel Optane (3D XPoint memory) for performance with QLC NAND flash for capacity.

Intel losing market share
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AMD's Ryzen 5 2600 outsells everyone

Germany's largest retailers, Mindfactory, has reported that AMD is experiencing sky-high sales and gains in market share at Chipzilla’s expense.

Intel headhunts more AMD and Nvidia staff
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Headed for the Koduri's Xe GPU team

Intel appears to be sprucing up its Xe GPU team by headhunting talent from AMD.

Apple iPhone 5G to arrive in 2020
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Intel can make it

Intel has canceled its 8060 5G modem to speed up things with its new all mode XMM 8160 solution. Intel is likely to sample the 8160 modem later this year which should be more than enough time for Apple to incorporate it in the iPhone 2020 (iPhone 20 anyone?).   

Intel headhunts Qualcomm’s George Davis
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Gets a new chief financial officer

Intel announced the appointment of George Davis as executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO).

AMD's EPYC will erode Intel's server control
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Still will have 90 per cent

Intel's server processor market share is likely to fall below 90 percent by the end of 2020, as AMD with its EPYC series continues to attract more orders from server vendors and cloud service providers.

MobileEye mocks Nvidia as a copycat
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Your stuff is rather similar

MobileEye boss Amnon Shashua took a swing at the GPU company named after a Roman vengeance demon.

Intel shows off its Intel Graphics Command Center
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Starts its GPU Odyssey

After teasing it recently, Intel has now officially started its Odyssey, launching the new graphics control panel, called the Intel Graphics Command Center.

HardOCP's Kyle Bennett joins Intel
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Reconnect Intel with enthusiasts

The industry has certainly changed over the last 20 years. Kyle Bennett, the founder and a fearless leader of HardOCP has decided to join Intel as a Director of Enthusiast Engagement for Intel’s Technology Leadership Marketing group.