Intel’s Raptor Lake-S benchmark leaked
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Increase of core/thread count

Videocardz has stumbled across a leaked benchmark that appears to show a Raptor Lake-S CPU sample in action.

Intel wants to avoid a fight with Apple
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But armies gathering for 3nm production capacity fight 

A war between Intel and Apple is brewing over TSMC’s production capacity for 3nm processors.

Intel updates old tech in secret lab
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Runs security tests

Chipzilla has a secret lab which hires more than 100,000 staff, whose only job is to make sure that security tests are carried out on its more ancient tech, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Intel’s Meteor Lake looking rather good
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Now if they can only get it into the shops

The new Intel 14th Gen Core "Meteor Lake" CPU which should be out in 2023 is looking rather good, if Chipzilla can turn around its historically bad luck at getting products into the shops on time.

It is the 50th anniversary of the Intel 4004 microprocessor
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The world changed

Yesterday was the 50th birthday of the the Intel 4004 microprocessor, which was the first computer chip carved onto silicon.

Chipzilla finds two high-severity vulnerabilities
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Wide range of processor families

Intel has disclosed two high-severity vulnerabilities that affect a wide range of Intel processor families, allowing threat actors and malware to gain higher privilege levels on the device.

Intel rolls out new graphics driver for Alder Lake
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For early adopters 

Intel is rolling out a new version of the graphics driver for its processors with integrated graphics and discrete Iris Xe GPU.

Alder Lake incompatible with some games
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DRM software breaks Valhalla

Intel has posted a release that the hybrid CPU core architecture on Alder Lake can be incompatible with certain games, specifically some protected by the anti-piracy DRM software from Denuvo.

Intel stretched the truth in its AMD comparison
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Fancy that

The US tech press which loves telling positive stories about everyone appears to be somewhat shocked that Intel might have not being telling the full truth when it compared its Core i9-12900K and Ryzen 9 5950X.

Intel promises to outrun Moore’s Law
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Others wonder what Moore's Law was

Intel's CEO Kicking Pat Gelsinger promises that Intel will keep pace with – and even outrun – Moore's Law.