Intel’s Pohoiki Beach simulates eight million neurons
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AI tasks 1,000 times faster than CPUs.

Intel [remember them?] has unveiled a new AI system codenamed "Pohoiki Beach," a 64-chip computer capable of simulating eight million neurons in total.

Intel holds a party to say the party is not over yet
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We are going to party like its 1799

Intel held a five hour event, where 100 attendees from startups, venture capital, and tech giants sipped semiconductor-themed cocktails and detailed explanations of how sand is processed into silicon chips ,although that might just have been the taste of the Vol-au-vents.

Intel flogs 5G IP
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02 July 2019

Intel flogs 5G IP

One careful user... one of these and the world is your lobster

Chipzilla is flogging off its IP related to cellular wireless connectivity as the chipmaker looks to unload around 8,500 IP assets from its bulky dossier.

Intel admits AMD is a danger again
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Leaked memo warns of AMD formidability 

Intel is getting rather concerned at AMD's Zen 2 advancements and an internal memo that just leaked out to public venues indicates that AMD is starting to give Chipzilla a good kicking in its reptilian diodes.

Chipzilla gearing up to drop prices
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Temperature’s Ryzen at Intel HQ

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that Intel is going to drop its prices in a move to spoil AMD’s Ryzen 3000 launch.

Via might save Huawei's bacon
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Chinese firm caught between ROC and hard place

While US semiconductor firms Intel and AMD and others are effectively banned from shipping their technology to Chinese giant Huawei, another firm could fill the X86 processor hole in its motherboards.

Intel not outsourcing 14nm Rocket Lake to Samsung
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Too much like hard work

The dark satanic rumour mill has been manufacturing a hell on earth yarn claiming that Samsung was negotiating with Chipzilla to produce its 14nm CPUs.

US chipmakers lobby for Huawei
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Asking Trump to stop hurting them to get to China

US chipmakers Qualcomm and Intel, are quietly pressing the U.S. government to ease its ban on sales to the Chinese tech giant, even as Huawei itself avoids typical government lobbying, people familiar with the situation said.

Apple rumoured to be buying Intel's 5G tech
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After it knifed its partner

Fruity cargo cult Apple is rumoured to be negotiating with Intel to buy the 5G technology that it rejected for its iPhone.

Intel hires chief architect of Xbox One
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Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs

Our knowledgeable sources have whispered that Intel has hired John Sell, a chap who was the chief architect of Xbox One, Scorpio, and Scarlett SoCs. John joined as an Intel Fellow to work on security.